The Fung Shing Culinary Awards


Roseette Awards
1992 1998 1999

In a city where the competition is stiff, Fung Shing emerges as London's finest
Cantonese restaurant. Firmly established as a culinary landmark, it dazzles
with classic andnouvelle Cantonese dishes. Look for the seasonal specials.
Some of the dishes maybe a bit experimental, notably stir-fried fresh milk with
scrambled egg white, but you''ll feel right at home with the soft-shell
sautéed in a light batterand served with tiny rings of red-hot chile and
deep-fried garlic.Chinese gourmets come here for the fried intestines;
you may prefer the hotpot of stewed duck with yam.
The spicy sea bass and the stir-fried crispy chicken are worthy choices.
There are more than 150 dishes from which to choose and most are moderate in price.

Frommer's London 2005

1999 Casserole Award

LACKLUSTER meals at some of the news , seeker restaurants of Chinatown sent me
back to the place which opened as a simple Cantonese cafe in a street of electrical
repair shops in the 1970's
Over the
year Fung Shing grew bigger but not invariably better. Standars fluctuated
with the coming and going of chefs, but recently reports hve been as positive as
during the restaurant's heyday, when Kwan Fu reigned in the kitchen.
The manager known as Jimmy Jim, who has a prodigious memory for faces welcomed
like lost children. We were shown to one of the well spaced tables in the first ground
floor room overall the premises reach right through to Gerrad Street.
Reeling, battered and, one of us, tearful after seeing Million Dollar Baby, we turned
first to the wine list where suprisingly fine, and also well kept, white Burgundies
are a feature. We then took my own advice from past reviews and skipped
appetisers, for the most part a sop of western predictions and ordered
a whole crab in spicy sauce.
It was excellent but you have to be prepared to get down and dirty like Hilary Swank
to extract the meat and, best of all, the roe. One of our main courses was sizzling
beef with fresh peppercorns and lemon grass, chosen in deference to the fact that it
was listed under the heading "Today's Specials", It was not the over - exuberant use
of coconut cream that made me doubt its specificity, more that it was a
Today's Special for the 18th October 2004 in the menu I was given to take away.
Roasted crispy pigeon is listed under the heading Our Chef's Special a section
worth studying. It contains prized items such as abalone, shark's fin and braised
suckling pig, plus dishes such as roasted eel, stir fried fresh milk with scrambled egg
white and belly pork with yam in the hot pot, which I remembe from previous
The pigeon lacquered in its cooking, is served with special salt and Worcestershire
sauce for dipping, it would be fair to describe it as an acquired taste: it is one I
have aquired.
Service was genial and efficient and a babble of contented voices was mercifully, the
only soundtrack. Fung Shing is again firmly ensconced on my regrettably brief list of
London Chinese restaurants worth visiting
Fay Maschler Evening Standard 19th January 2005

Dining Fay Maschler Evening Standard Metro Life

Top 5 restaurants Fot Suckling Pig
Fung Shing
The centerpesce of a Chinese feast be a duck, lobster,
suckling pig: sometimes all 3
. At this long-established
Cantonese restaurant, where a couple of visits can make you
welcomed like a regular, braised suck ling pig at £26 per head is
listed under Chef's Specials. This is were to find other diverting
dishes such as hot pot of duck with yam,
stir fried fresh milk with
scrambled egg white and Wan Nam Prawns that never migrate onto
set dinners. With Chinese New Year approaching, why not make it your
year of the suckling pig.