Exotic Curry
Curry chicken in Bone or Boneless £10.50
Curry King Prawn £11.50
Curry Crab £14.50
Hot Pot
Stewed Duck with Plum Sauce in Hot Pot £10.50
Stewed Duck with Satay Sauce in Hot Pot £10.50
Spicy Prawns with Bean Thread Vermicelli in Hot Pot £11.95
Braised Sea Cucumber with Meat Balls in Hot Pot £13.50
Bean Curd
Steamed Bean Curd with Prawns £10.50
Pa pa bean Curd with Vegetable
Ma Po Bean Curd with Spicy Sauce
Stewed Bean Curd Stuffed with Pork
Egg Bean Curd with Minced Pork
Pork Beef and Veal