Fung Shing Chinese Restaurant
Specialist in Cantonese Cuisine

15 Lisle Street London WC2H7BE
Phone: 020 7437 1539 Fax: 020 7734 0284

House Special Dishes
Vension Marinated in Oolong Tea
Stir Fried Fresh Milk with Scrambled Egg White
Sizzling Beef with Lime Leaf Sauce
Stir Fried Eel in Basket
Stuffed Squid with Seafood in Sauce
Braised Fresh Abalone (each)
Braised Abalone with Sea Cucumber
Seabass with Seafood Wonton in Rice Wine
Lobster with Noodles
Braised Suckling Pig with Sauce
Braised Double Boiled Shark's Fin in Hot Pot