Fung Shing Restaurant Reviews

Fung Shing is one of Chinatowns less predictable restaurants and
as suchhas grown considerably over the years as its reputation has spread.
While all the favourites appear on the menu theres also plenty more besides
for the more adventurous diner. Dishes of particular note include spicy eel
and crispy stuffed baby squid with chilli and garlic. Prices however vary
considerably and the more exotic choices can soon push up the price of the bill,
but the service is unhurried unlike most Chinatown restaurants, so take your
time and order wisely and you're in for memorable experience

We really liked it. Went in at around 6.15, with just an hour to spare
before going on to the theatre, and we were served in lots of
time. The food was really tasty and unusual. Particullary the fresh
mango with scallops
Wednesday January 10th 2007
London Eating

Undoubtedly the best service you get in Soho. The food is also lovely
try the dishes with crab and seafood. The mango pudding sold out
while my wife was ordering it and the manager looked so sorry
which made us want to come back again and order it!!!
Definitely will return
Thursday March 07 2006
London Eating

The suckling pig braised in rich gravy melted in the mouth, while
mangetout shoots were skilfully stir-fried with garlic before been
been topped with a sauce rich in crabmeat.
Fung Shing is a great place for business dining.
Square Meal 2007

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