South Africa
White Wines
Lanzerac Estate Chardonnay, Stellenbosch
A sperb rich, full flavoured, delightfully ounded and concentrated Chardonnay supported by maturation in old and oak barrels
Onyx Sauvignon Blanc, Darling Cellars, Groenekloof
Nettles, passion fruit, asparagus and gooseberries all mingle on the nose with a palate displaying fullness and a long aftertaste.
Red Wines      
Lanzerac Estate Cabarnet Sauvignon , Stellenbosch
Full bodied aromas of raspberry and vanilla and undertones of almonds. A great alternative to finest Clarets
Hoopenburg Winery Shiraz, Stellenbosch 2002
Upfront ripe fruits lead into a complex and intense palte of spice and toasted oak. A gorgeous crimson coloured wine that is sumptous and fineshes dry.
Lanzerac Estate
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" In the aphitheatre of life, the peaks of enjoyment are to be found in the babble of a brook, wisper of a breeze and the cheer of a warm sun. These are the special qualities that you find in Lanzerac Wines, wines as majestic and celebrated as the estate from which they borne.
Established in 1692, Lanzerac has for 300 years developed an astounding reputation for superb quality and pestige. The Lanzerac range is today enjoyed by those who seek of unquestionable character and uncompromising quality"
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